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● China is leading i○n innovation?Why◆ China is le■ading in in■novation?1〓1-20-2019 17:5○9 BJTSo as we can s●ee for our●selves, China w〓ill continue t●o push ahead on i●nnovations and our ◆entire world ■will be a ●much better ●place for i○t.Please scan th●e QR Code to fo●llow us on Inst◆agramPleas

e scan the● QR Code to● follow us on ○WechatChines◆e telecom firm Huaw〓ei


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has announce■d the launch o○f its latest li〓ne of 5G-powe■red devices,〓 including a hig●hly anticipated fo○lding 5G s■martphone.Huawei■ launches l◆atest line o■f 5G smartphones◆Huawei launc●hes latest ○line of 5G smartp●hones10-24-〓2019 14:57 B○JTPlease scan■ the QR Code to f●ollow us on● Instagr

amPl●ease scan the 〓QR Code to follow us■ on WechatFedEx's c◆laimed misdel


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ivery○ of Huawei packa◆ges not true: i◆nvestigati○onFedEx's claimed ■misdelivery of Huaw〓ei packages ●not true: inve○stigationFedEx's ●claimed misdelivery○ of Huawei package◆s not true●: investigation07●-26-2019 17:34 ●BJT Pleas〓e scan the QR Code t●o follow us ●on InstagramPlease s〓can the QR

Code t■o follow us on Wec〓hatHuawei say〓s it has secure◆d 50-plus ◆5G con


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tract●s, 28 from Eu○ropeHuawei says it h●as secured 50-plus〓 5G contracts, 28■ from Europe◆Huawei says ○it has secured 50-pl〓us 5G cont○racts, 28 from ●Europe07-19○-2019 09:10 ○BJT Please sca〓n the QR Code to fol〓low us on InstagramP■lease scan the 〓QR Code to○ follow us on Wechat◆FedEx sues〓

U.S. Commerce De■partment over crac■kdown on Huaw◆eiFedEx sues U.S. ■Comme


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rce Departm■ent over crackdow■n on HuaweiFedEx s■ues U.S. Comm〓erce Department over◆ crackdown on H○uawei06-26-2019 0●9:36 BJTWASHIN○GTON, June 24 ■-- U.S. courier d○elivery company◆ FedEx Corp. ●on Monday sued the U●.S. Department of Co○mmerce over ○a request that t■he package giant e○nforce restri?/p>

鬰tions on Ch◆inese teleco●m equipment provid■er Huawei.In the ■lawsuit fi

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